From the I-75 exit onto M-134, a traveler immediately connects to three regional, outdoor recreational trails: biking, birding, and paddling. Leave the car at the MDOT carpool lot on the northeast side of the highway and grab your gear! United States Bicycle Route 35 begins north of the byway in Sault Ste. Marie and continues 500 miles to Indiana. The byway intersects at right angles with USBR 35 as it transects the Upper Peninsula and connects to Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Extending from St. Ignace to Drummond Island, and North to Pickford, the North Huron Birding Trail encompasses the byway and beyond, with excellent bird-watching sites marked throughout the region. Waterfowl including Loons and Cranes and raptors like the Snowy Owl find well-preserved habitat along the byway. Eastern Upper Peninsula Regional Planning & Development Commission, along with many partners, recently completed mapping all Great Lakes water trails in the region. The North Huron Shoreline is divided into multiple sections, the Les Cheneaux and Island Explorer (Drummond Island) sections pre-date the completion of the regional trails. From broad sandy beaches, to islandprotected alcoves, the north shore of Lake Huron provides a varied paddling experience with endless potential for a variety of trips. Many of the following amenities are also Birding Trail and Water Trail sites, as indicated on the map with symbols.